Indian wear is one of the most exquisite and intricate attire that you will find around the world .

We at Picocrew are organizing an event called "FOCUS" which shows that modern fashion in India is inspired from tradition. The idea of the shoot is to show how diverse and culturally rich India is.

29 states, 7 union territories, 4000 cities, around 1700 languages and this diversity gave birth to a term named, ‘Ethnic wear’.

The ancient origin of two of the most characteristic garments of modem India, the dhoti worn by men and the sari worn by women, is verifiable in sculptured reliefs as far back as the 2nd century BC. Both men and women used to wear a long piece of cloth wrapped around the hips and drawn between the legs in such a fashion that it forms a series of folds down the front. Clothing for most Indians is quite simple and typically untailored. Well coming to modern India, it is a blend of ancient and voguish articles of clothing which vocalizes nothing but, ‘Intellectual Development’ in the country. India is a country which imparts the cultural allure in every celebration with no reasons required. 

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